New Blog on the Way

Please don't think I fell off the face of the earth. I am working on a brand new blog and site as right now. Stay tuned. I am very excited for this coming wedding season and can't wait to share some more of my work.


Thank you for your continued support and interest.


Krebs Kids
Aj2_8278 Aj2_8358 Aj2_8407 Aj2_8427 Aj2_8508 Aj2_8576 Aj2_8580 Aj2_8589
Cote' Senior Session
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Cote__080 Cote__088 Cote__094 Cote__104 Cote__111 Cote__116 Cote__126 Cote__128
Tiffany and Stephen

Destination wedding in Whitehall, Michigan.

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T_s_638 T_s_642 T_s_659 T_s_691 T_s_719 T_s_732 T_s_750 T_s_764
Shaina and JT
S_jt_141 S_jt_159 S_jt_313 S_jt_337 S_jt_345 S_jt_349 S_jt_366 S_jt_382
Isla_005 Isla_044 Isla_065 Isla_082
Amy and Ben
A_b_065 A_b_126 A_b_162 A_b_295 A_b_583 A_b_631 A_b_678 A_b_704
Sara-Jane and Steve

Beautiful wedding at Walden Country Inn

Aj2_0151 Aj2_0206 Aj2_0229 Aj2_0241 Aj2_0247 Aj2_0337 Aj2_0447 Aj2_0493
Aj1_5264 Aj1_5311 Aj1_5356 Aj1_5375 Aj1_5391 Aj1_5647 Aj1_6139 Aj2_0120
Kristina and Danny
Aj1_4078 Aj1_4185 Aj1_4231 Aj1_4249 Aj1_4684 Aj1_4751 Aj1_5032 Aj2_0020
Aj2_9343 Aj2_9403 Aj2_9423 Aj2_9631 Aj2_9730 Aj2_9856 Aj2_9864 Aj2_9885
Gina - Senior Session
Aj2_8706 Aj2_8745 Aj2_8771 Aj2_8817 Aj2_8859 Aj2_8880 Aj2_8941 Aj2_9021
Aj2_9045 Aj2_9067 Aj2_9142 Aj2_9117 Aj2_9202 Aj2_9177 Aj2_9172 Aj2_9241